July 4

Millions of Americans celebrate today. Here life continues in the vein established by Covid precautions. Now that I’ve used the word no doubt an unsolicited advert will appear to enable ease of research on the subject. Apologies. I have no control!

There was blue sky, whispy clouds ..

… and sun!

Just time to pick the first raspberry …


For a whole two minutes!

The clouds broke and passed – time to inspect the clematis

And then it rained … for another two minutes! Sharp and sudden! It was warm – steam came from the roof of the garden studio after each shower, but hubby decided that a rerun of episode 1 of Inspector Morse was preferable to a day deheading roses!

Yes! I think I’ll add a bit more to this. All the ends are still there – not a bother to me. I enjoy the rhythm and calm of weaving them in.

Oh! How I wish we were free! But …

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