May 25

I have found another point of reference for the early morning sun, but I still miss the felled tree.

This view seems bereft, but by this time next year, if not long before, will seem perfectly normal.

What an exciting day! First – a visit to the dentist! Can I call it exciting? Hardly – but it meant I left the house …

It was followed almost immediately by a trip to a local nursery. I was very tempted by this hanging basket but it was far too big for its intended position.

We did, however, discover a tiny little coffee shop that also serves delicious goodies. Outside was this living wall – felt pockets planted with hanging lobelia. It’s an idea I may adopt! First find your wall, methinks!

Hubby found what he was looking for so it was a successful trip.

And I finished my blanket! It’s called the Salvo Blanket and you can read about it elsewhere tomorrow. I’ll give you the link.

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