February 11

It promised to be a ‘nice’ day, and it didn’t disappoint.

It was cold – obviously

But spring is on the way!

Off to meet friends

Our destination was in the woods on the horizon and it was a really great time!


September 7

My last morning here.

Saying goodbye to the cats and dogs and family. Hopefully not too long before I can visit again.

Not the best seat in the house (who wants a long journey with full view of the lavatory?). An efficient and fast journey up to my first point of change.

A bit of a wait here

Then on our way to the next interchange

This is a very pretty line, quite short but passing through lots of history.

And before long we were heading out on the last leg.


September 4

The sun rose in another blue sky

Cardiff Bay was calling

A short boat trip showed us the sights

Even familiar landmarks look different when viewed from the sea.

But there were many areas that could only be viewed from the sea.

Back on land

It was obvious that there are always two sides to every story.

Strong shadow makes the face even more dramatic.

The day ended watching the flames wit family and friends.