July 25

We are minding an old poorly cat this weekend.

She’s too old to chase the birds

Today the Watcher is surfing the sky.

Vibrant red. I hoped it would lift my spirits – but tomorrow is another day.

However, although VERY faint – the day ended with a rainbow

God’s promise is always comforting.


July 24

The day began with drizzle – rain, but so light it was hardly visible.

The starlings were waiting for something.

Soon they were gone – leaving ‘official’ watchers

The first of the new flowers appeared on the Viburnum. It has rested for about 5 weeks and will continue flowering now for almost 12 months.

A lone purple flower shows that the wire is doing its job! A local cat was constantly digging up this plant! I think we’ve saved it.


July 23

Very slightly cooler.

An early walk around the garden is often a reminder of long gone family members. This fuchsia came from an uncle’s garden – about 30 years ago.

The original bulbs of this montbretia were growing in my mother in law’s garden. Soon the colours will be stunning and Om sure you’ll see more in a day or so. She was lovely but died in the late ‘90s

We have other shared plants too – not all from relatives who have died.

This began life as a white flower in our son’s garden – 12 or so years ago – but has only ever flowered in pink here. The original plant still continues to flower in white in his garden. Fascinating.